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Equipment Necesary To Make Original Paella

One of the most common ways to make paella is in the open air, thus, its no surprise for people not used to it to ask themselves how to make a paella on their own back yard, or even ask themselves what equipment do they need to make a paella.

Dont worryy, in this page we are not only going to tell you this, but also how to assemble all the equipment and even how to make it easy to clean, fast and economic.

1.- Cooking equipment:

We have three equipment options to make a original paella:

a) We can use a fire protected by a building called «paellero», it’s the most comfortable but also the most expensive option.

b) Directly into a open fire with a device called «Open fire tripod» where paella is deposited directly, it’s the most economical method but it is very dangerous and dirty.

c) This system is the easiest, economical, fast and clean that exists to make the original paella, besides, it also disassembles and stores anywhere, there are many other methods even better (with wood for example) but they will need constructions more expensive and more space-consuming. Let’s see keys and how easy and fast it’s the assemblage, in less than five minutes we’ll be ready to amaze friends and strangers with the show which suppose to prepare and delight the most demanding palates.
Equipment price: less than $100

2.- Types Paella Pans:

In this case we recommend you the following main types of paella pans:

Polished Carbon Steel Paella Pans:

This is the classic paella pan, and the one used by professional paella maestros. the steel is not surface protected require a little more care than other types of paella pans in order to prevent them from oxidising , are suitable for gas hobs, open fires, and oven. Typically the convex base would make them not so suitable for flat electric or induction stove tops.

Types paella pans

Enamelled Steel Paella Pans:

It’s still quite traditional and is much easier to look after than a carbon steel pan because the enamel protects the surface from rust. Enamelled steel pans tend to be a little less durable though because the enamel chips easily if banged or bumped around. The enamelled steel pan is similarly suited for all types of heat sources except for flat electric or induction stove tops.

3.- Burners:

Mounting examples:

Burners conection:

In a few seconds the burner will be connected to our cylinder, Firstly we introduce burner’s pinneapple onto the top of the butane cylinder, Put pressure on the lower ring up to you hear «click». Then we open the stopcock to supply gas to our burner


One of the keys to the paella is the uniformity of the fire, these diffusers are the perfect tool, like paella different diameters exist, this one (40cm-15.6″) is a perfect size for domestic environment. You can cook small paellas lighting only internal ring or large paellas (up to 25-30 people) with both rings on.
For security reasons we always first turn on internal ring, that is, open gas internal ring, turn on internal ring, open gas external ring and turn on external ring.

4.- Tripod:

Level tripod:

Equipment Necesary To Make Original Paella

There are other systems like legs, but this tripod is sturdy, adaptable to several burners and especially it’s the key to level perfectly our paella, paella bad leveled it’s prelude get failure.
Thread 1, let it shorten or lengthen the diameter of our tripod that allows you to use different sizes of burners
Thread 2 is essential to increase or decrease each one of the legs and so level our paella. For it, put a little oil in the paella that should be centered on the same.

Summary of assembly:

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