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Excellent paella mates Appetizer.

nº1 Salad, companions’ king of all kinds of paella, is very healthy and balanced, its composition varies depending on the availability of certain seasonal ingredients and tastes

nº2 Valencian clochina, is prepared like mussel, it’s a smaller size but has a lot of flesh. It’s finer and tastier than its cousin the mussel. It’s prized like appetizer companion paella on summer season (it’s seasonal)

nº3 Denia Prawn, prawn tastier and finer … but also the most appreciated, turn and turn grilled to delight the most demanding palates 

nº4 Vinaroz’s king prawn, this is the most prized of king prawns for its taste and finesse, exceptional!

nº5 Cullera’s coquina clams, are different from other coquina clams for flavor, finesse and above all because the flesh covers the entire shell. Roasted with garlics and get them out when they are open, with tomato and onion … delicious!. Never buy frozen these are one of the most Excellent Paella Mates Appetizer.

nº6 Esgarraet, they are strips of red roasted pepper, dried cod strips (hence the name of the recipe, ripped in Valencian), slices of garlic and olive oil. It requires good bread and it be recommended to accompany with salted tuna.

nº7 Valencian tomato with tuna belly, Valencian tomato, minced garlic, salt, olive oil and tuna belly (bullet tuna or tuna is posible too). 100% antioxidant dish.. Valencian tomatoes and / or Perello tomatoes are sweet, very aromatic, fleshy, which also makes having few seeds inside.

nº8 Fresh beach grilled squid, small and tender, it is served only seasoned with green sauce (minced garlic, oil and parsley), delicious!

nº9 Meatloaf cod, a classic dish, whose homemade version has little or nothing to do with commercial version by taste or texture, its perfect completion is crispy on the outside (batter) and tender inside.

nº10 Tomato, pepper and tuna!! It also go with pine nuts, were prepared in clay pot over very low heat, and it also needs a good and a lot of bread, scrumptious!

nº11 Sausage with broad beans, «broad beans baby» and a good sausage (better of Requena or Onteniente in Valencia) this is the king of the valencian lunches

nº12 Cuttlefish with onion, another illustrious of our cuisine. It’s eaten with good and loooong bread! 

nº13 Razor shell baked, fresh razor shells very clean of sand and hot griddle. Quick, healthy and suited for seafood paella.

nº14 Jamon iberico, a classic,  well marbled, the 5J is King!

nº15 Rosemary cheese, aged cheese and spiced with rosemary, also consumed marinated in oil and rosemary. Valencian paella especially.

nº16 Saffron milk caps, this prized wild ingredient go with our paellas on autum season (it’s seasonal). Some garlics and oil and cook them!!