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Types paella pans

Polished paella pan

Refered as well as the classic paella pan, it is usually the one used by professional paella maestros. 

The steel is not surface protected, requiring a little more care than other types of paella pans in order to prevent them from rust ,they are suitable for gas hobs, open fires, and ovens. 

The convex base makes them not so suitable for flat electric or induction stove tops, trough just as the other variants, inducttion paella pans do exists to allow the making of a paella in this surfaces.

Types paella pans

Enamelled Steel Paella Pan

It’s still quite traditional and is much easier to look after than a carbon steel pan because the enamel protects the surface from rust. Enamelled steel pans tend to be a little less durable though because the enamel chips easily if banged or bumped around. The enamelled steel pan is similarly suited for all types of heat sources except for flat electric or induction stove tops.  

Staiinless steel paella pan

Probably the most ever lasting paella pan you can find in the market, the stainless steel paella pan offers us all the beauty and simplicity of the polished paella pan with the added benefit of being unable to rust.

Multi-tasting paella pan

An innovative invention for the more adventorus people, the double paella pan allows to make multiple types of paellas in the same paella pan. We advise that different types of paella have different times of cooking, so do take care of starting the paellas in the correct time to avoid any possible cooking accidents.

You can also watch the following video to see our explanation about the different kinds of paella pans, with their positives and negatives:

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¿What is the right size of paella pan for me?

It’s far from uncommon to be unsure of which size of paella pan would be the accurate one for our paella burner. But worry not!, with our years of knowledge we have prepared a table for you to know which size is the correct size for you, using this guide you will be able to know if your paella pan fits the size of your paella burner, do note that high power and profesional style paella burners are slighty bigger by standard that the more common paella gas burner.

You can find even more information abour paella pans trough our blog.