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Types Paella Pans:

Main types paella pans:

Polished Carbon Steel Paella Pans:

This is the classic paella pan, and the one used by professional paella maestros. the steel is not surface protected require a little more care than other types of paella pans in order to prevent them from oxidising , are suitable for gas hobs, open fires, and oven. Typically the convex base would make them not so suitable for flat electric or induction stove tops.

Enamelled Steel Paella Pans

It’s still quite traditional and is much easier to look after than a carbon steel pan because the enamel protects the surface from rust. Enamelled steel pans tend to be a little less durable though because the enamel chips easily if banged or bumped around. The enamelled steel pan is similarly suited for all types of heat sources except for flat electric or induction stove tops. 

Diameter paella / diners:

• Paella 30 cm:  2-3 diners
• Paella 40 cm: Para 4-5 diners
• Paella 50 cm: Para 6-8 diners
• Paella 55 cm: Para 10 diners
• Paella 60 cm: Para 12 diners

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