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Make "ALL I OLI" o "AJO-ACEITE" for your paellas.

Make ALL I OLI. This is a popular valencian garlic sauce that goes very well with grilled meat and roasted pepper, aubergine (Escalivada) and is a excelent arroz a banda paella mate or simply with fresh bread . I have seen many spellings for this (i.e. alioli, aioli…) but the real name is «All i Oli» – from the Valencian for Garlic and Oil – and these 2 are the only ingredients although with egg to ensure the consistency of the sauce, which with our without egg should look like mayonnaise.

Make All i oli

1.Peel the garlic and cut in thin slices, then, put them in the morter.

2.Chop the garlic cloves in the mortar along with a tip of salt until a smooth paste. 

3.Searate the yolk of the egg. To prepare the sauce uses only the yolk.

4.Add egg yolk and mix well by making circles with the pestle.

5.Add oil (dropwise at first) and stir in circles.

It is important to follow a pace and do not stop until the end to obtain a compact and  thick sauce, if you stop before, the sauce will be a thin liquid, making it unusable.

6.Once you have obtained a thick white/yellow sauce, congratulations, you have finished your ali-oli

Tips and tricks for you to make ALL I OLI:

It is recommended to remove the egg from the frige an hour or two before use, as to ensure that it is at room temperature, just like the other ingredients.

We reommend a steady pace when mixing to ensure a thick sauce of ali-oli, a revolution per secon aprox should be more than sufficient.

While we pour the oil, if we see that the sauce is becoming less thicker than before, we should stop adding oil and instead stir constatly so as to regain the creamy texture once more.

With all of this you will make ALL I OLI.

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