Excellent paella mates. We open a list of original companions of Original Paella. And therefore traditional dishes of Valencia and Spanish culture, whose knowledge and use survive currently through knowledge passed down from parent to sons for hundreds of years and we want to share with our friens, typical appetizer:


nº1 The perfect dessert … melon, watermelon and grapes, very cool in summer. These 3 fruits compete in sweetness in spanish summer (they are seasonal fruits), which is sweeter today? that for last!!

nº2 Valencian Orange ready, excellent alternative for spanish winter …. from tree to plate!

nº3 Valencian horchata, 100% groundnut Alboraya, refreshing and ancient drink, very suitable paella dessert

nº4 And after some good appetizer, a spectacular paella washed down with fine wines, and a dessert of our earth … the perfect finale, one glass of sweet wine “mistela moscatel de Turis!”